​LP Music, aka Leeds/ Peterson Music was formed as an alternative to our Mpls. based band fDeluxe (The Family.) Paul and I wanted a way to musically express ourselves in the context of our other love, progressive instrumental music (some might even call it jazz !).

LP Music was born, and immediately we had the good fortune to mix it up, musically speaking that is, with the likes of Questlove and D’Angelo at one of their heralded “Brothers In Arms” gigs. And we did the same at David Sanborn’s recent Minneapolis appearance.

We decided that it’s time to take the music into the studio and have at it, and with your pre-order of the CD we can put it all together.
We look forward to sharing our music with you and invite you to take advantage of the various exclusives we are offering. And THEN we’ll take it to the stage !Type your paragraph here.


Eric Leeds/

Paul Peterson


A concept in unbridled creativity and groove. Pure inspiration and interaction between real musicians. "Where be-bop meets funk."
Headed up by Grammy Winner™ Eric Leeds and multi-instrumentalist Paul Peterson